May 11, 2017 – Chattanooga, TN — In honor of Bike to Work Day, Allegra® Allergy and Bike Chattanooga have partnered together to celebrate cycling in Chattanooga by offering locals and visitors complimentary Bike Chattanooga 24-hour Access Passes on May 19th.  Allegra Allergy will also add a bike painted with Allegra branding including its signature purple color, dubbed the ‘Allegra Allergy Bike,’ to Bike Chattanooga’s fleet for the month of May. The Allegra Allergy Bike will appear among 338 Bike Chattanooga bikes at one of the 37 stations. Those fortunate enough to spot the bike should post a photo of it on Twitter tagging @AllegraOTC in order to receive a free package of Allegra Allergy, which helps relieve indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms.

Bike Chattanooga release new FIT Bike Share Bikes

The City of Chattanooga’s Bike Chattanooga Bicycle Transit System released four new FIT Bikes into the system and they are now available to the public.

Member Profile: Cortney Geary

Your age: 31

Your occupation: City Planner; Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency

Any other fun fact you want to share: I used to be a professional dancer with the Chattanooga Ballet.

In which neighborhood do you live? Work? I live in Hill City and work Downtown.

Why did you decide to sign up for Bike Chattanooga? I got to try out Bike Chattanooga through a free membership and used it more than I thought I would even though I have my own bike so I decided to become an annual member.

Do you use Bike Chattanooga to get to work/school? I sometimes use Bike Chattanooga to get home from work on days that I take the bus to work and stay downtown later than the bus runs.

What other kinds of trips do you use Bike Chattanooga for? I like using Bike Chattanooga on days that I take the bus or drive to work because the weather is bad in the morning, but then the sun comes out or it warms up midday, and I can grab a bike to run errands or go to the gym.

I have used Bike Chattanooga a few times to extend my runs. If I only have time for a short run, I can go point-to-point instead of making a loop and then grab a bike to get back to my starting point. I’ll probably do that more now that there are two new Bike Chattanooga stations on the new Riverwalk extension.

How did you make those trips before Bike Chattanooga started?Drive, walk, or didn’t make the trip at all

What’s your favorite thing about riding a bike in Chattanooga?I love our scenery and the nearly 360 degree view that you get from a bicycle seat.

Any tips for newer Bike Chattanooga members? I know you’re excited to jump on the bike and get rolling, but take the time to orient yourself to the bike - the brakes, gear shifter, bell, and seat. Make sure your seat is at a good height for you, and that it’s pointing straight forwards. If it has been awhile since you’ve ridden a bike, you might prefer for your seat to be lower, but as you get more comfortable, try raising the saddle higher so that your knees are just slightly bent at the bottom of your pedal stroke, and you will be able to get more power out of your pedaling. Once you start pedaling, shift gears until you find one that feels like the right resistance so you’re not working too hard, but you don’t feel like your legs are spinning uselessly.

Before Bike Chattanooga, I would be stuck driving around when a friend visited town, but now I can check out a bike for them, and we can enjoy the ride together.

Encouraging/Supportive words:  Sometimes the expression “It’s just like riding a bike.” is a bit misleading. When I first started riding a bike again as an adult, my balance wasn’t good enough to take a hand off the handlebars and signal when I was turning. Don’t be discouraged if you feel wobbly at first. Try riding somewhere like the Riverwalk where you can ride completely separated from cars. Before you know it you’ll feel steady, confident, and as free as a bird!

Member Profile: Meagan Shinn

This Month, we are celebrating #WomenWhoBike and as part of it we want to introduce some leading ladies that have helped make Chattanooga the special place it is. Our first member profile has lead the charge in a city wide clean up called Clean & Green, worked with AIA to transform alley ways into creative spaces, and started a summer program called City Sweat to get more Chattanoogan’s moving. Meet Meagan Shinn and hear why she is part of #WomenWhoBike.

Bike Chattanooga, Motivate Launch #WomenWhoBike Campaign

Bike Chattanooga is hosting its first Women’s Bike Month - #womenwhobike - to celebrate the women in bike share and encourage more women to give this rapidly growing and popular transportation option a try. Currently, women only account for 34 percent of all bike share members and Bike Chattanooga wants to see that change.

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