Corporate and Community
Partner Membership

Make cycling an easy choice for employees and volunteers

Bike Chattanooga puts a fleet of bikes at your employee's and volunteer's fingertips. Bike Chattanooga's Community Partner Membership options help to solve your company's transit concerns - providing you with the ability to encourage active transportation as a benefit or reward, while strengthening your commitment to green initiatives.

Corporate and Community Partner Membership Levels Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Runner-up
Organization Contribution $50 $50 $25 $12.50 1x Fee $100
Employee/Volunteer Contribution $0 $0 $25 $37.50 $60.00
Organization Responsibility for Usage Fees All None None None None
Employee/Volunteer Responsibility for Usage Fees None All All All All

Best of all, we make it simple for you to implement. It's as easy sharing codes to eligible employees and volunteers. They then simply input that code into the Join form when they sign up for your unique organization membership type. Each employee will have their own individual account that they can manage themselves.

Invoicing and Reporting
Each month, Bike Chattanooga will send you a monthly invoice for those employees that signed up during the previous 30 days. Our online payment platform makes it a snap to pay the invoice with a company credit card (we also accept checks). Additionally, we delivery quarterly reports containing valuable statistics on how your employees are utilizing their memberships.

Quarterly statistic reports include:

  • Rides made(monthly and year-to-date totals)

  • Calories burned (year-to-date total)

  • CO2 saved (year-to-date total)

  • (Calculations are based on system-wide averages)

  • Contact to sign up your company today!

    Who's Already Riding?

    • Volkert
    • Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce
    • Playcore
  • Chambliss
  • Other membership options include Annual Memberships, Access Passes, and Conference Memberships.