Explore By Bike

Looking for ideas on how to use Bike Chattanooga?

  • Run errands or shop at your favorite local business.
  • Get exercise by biking to work and save on trips to the gym.
  • Hop on a bike on your way to your next business meeting.
  • Expand your lunch options by riding to nearby neighborhoods to grab a bite.
  • Makes for a great date night.
  • Enjoy Chattanooga's parks and Riverwalk

Need to make a stop during your ride?

    Every Bike Chattanooga bike is equipped with a cable lock, so that you may securely lock your bicycle even if you aren't nearby a system station. Remember your 60min station-to-station ride time still applies. Please watch the video below for specific instructions on how to use the cable lock correctly, and give us a call at 1-888-925-4415 if you have any other questions.